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LLD Diamonds Ltd

LLD Diamonds LTD is operating in the world diamond business since 1996 overseeing and coordinating from mine to market, including worldwide jewelry retail sales. LLD is one of the major and leading companies trading in both rough and polished diamonds. LLD lies at the heart of the diamond industry operations, playing a strategic role in a valuable knowledge transfer, such as market trends, monitoring the demand for various diamond items and channeling them to the relevant entities of the supply chain.

LLD both absorbs rough diamonds from the mining operations and acquires them on the secondary market. All rough diamonds flowing from the various sources go through a sorting process determining which diamonds shall be sold uncut and which ones shall be cut and polished. Diamonds selected for cutting and polishing together with polished diamonds acquired by LLD on the secondary market, are channeled to LLD for further sorting and classification. At the end of this process a portion of diamonds is sold by LLD directly in the world diamond hubs. The rest are sent to India, China and Russia for cutting and polishing. The jewelry products manufactured by LLD are referred directly for jewelry retail sales.

The diamond sources secured by LLD enable the company to meet the various needs of the retailers both in terms of the demanded diamond sizes and qualities. Our customer base includes major diamond and jewelry manufacturers, and our customer service is known for its stability and excellence.


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